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Rebecca Jones BCCSDip.CanBhvPrac 


Dunmow Essex.


Hi my name is Rebecca, I am a qualified Canine Behaviour Practitioner, I have a  Level 4 Accredited Canine Behaviour Practitioner Diploma (With practical assessment) I passed with Merit. The diploma involved numerous modules and a practical examination which I passed with merit. I am also a qualified first aider with a certificate in animal first aid. I am in the process of gaining a certificate in dog law. I also have public liability and professional idemity insurance I am a signatory on the RCDTBP (The Registration Council for Dog Trainers and Behaviour Practitioners)  and to the CAWC (Companion Animal Welfare Council) Code of Practice. I am also working towards becoming a KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor).


At present I have two dogs and have owned dogs since I was young getting involved and learning about training techniques. I am also interested in nutrition and the effects on behaviour. I am always investigating holistic techniques to benefit our canine friends.


I believe in using positive reinforcement techniques and endeavour to use these whenever I can. 


I am here to offer my knowledge and professional advice to you as owners helping you to understand your dog, with this combination I will enable you to acheive a harmonious relationship together. I can help with basic training issues such as recall, walking on lead, basic commands through to aggression issues both dog on dog aggression and human aggression issues. I have a range of techniques I use involving postive reinforcement combined with natural dog behaviour. I have an in depth knowledge about breed type and can offer advice that will be tailored to you and your dog. I love all types of breeds having owned a golden retriever, a labrador and staffies. I have also worked with Springer Spaniels, a staffy and a German Sheppard whilst qualifiying. I have also worked in a kennel environment as a volunteer. Please get in contact to discuss any questions you have and to arrange a consultation.


I look forward to hearing from you





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