NmI can offer behaviour consultations usually in the dogs home environment and on a one to one basis. I also offer a dog walking service, this can be combined with general training and or behavioural issues, if this is the case a one to one walk is offered. Group walks can be catered for in small numbers as well, particualarly useful for socialising a puppy. This is a small insight to my services, please see below for a more detailed list:


- Dog on dog aggression

- Dogs and children

- Attention seeking behaviours (barking, jumping up, nipping etc)

- Resource guarding (food, toys other possessions)

- Fears and phobias (loud noises, buses, bikes etc)

- Separation anxiety/ House breaking

- Dog on human aggression

- Issues with lead walking

- Recall issues

- Chase/ hunting on walks

- General anti social behaviours


I also offer general advice sessions for owners of new puppies or dogs, this is an opportunity to ask any questions about behaviour/ training/ house breaking etc. The session lasts for one hour (more if you feel it is needed), during this time I will give you tips to make life easier for the household members and to give the new canine member a stress free transition. If you have children I am more than happy to teach your children on the do's and dont's around the dog and the best way to approach a dog etc, I have experience of working with children as I was a supervisor running a Summer play camp the Council.


I have recently worked with a German Sheppard called Ace who had some aggression and guarding issues with the males in the household along with children, I am glad to report that on my follow up Ace had not had any incident since the consultation 3 weeks earlier, the owners really stuck to their end of the deal too adhering to my advice and exercises, Ace was 17 months so I am confident Ace and his owners will have many happy years ahead.


I have also also worked with a 6 month old Yorkshire Terrier mainly with puppy issues such as jumping up and barking, again upon speaking with the owner the training was going in the right direction, a happy owner equals a happy puppy.


These are some examples of my work - two very different breeds with different issues.


Please contact me to discuss any issues you have with your canine friend, I am confident I will be able to help.




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