Services(prices revised May 2021)

Behaviour Consultation Services:

One to One consultation at clients' home address (usually lasts approx 3 hours for the consultation plus 1 hour follow up and tailored programme to follow) from £185 includes one follow up visit lasting 1 hour and lifetime advice.


Further follow up session offering advice, support and practical exercises  (if required) (1-2 hours)   from £50


Reports for insurance: £60

Puppy Services:

Pre puppy advice session (2 hours) £80. Good practical advice and tips before getting your puppy.



General obedience/puppy training (one issue per session): £60 (session usually lasts 2 hours approx) 


Puppy package of 4 x 1 hr sessions @ £230- this involves the 1 hr for preperation before puppy comes home to the family enviornment and three one hour practical training sessions.




I can also offer advice with practical exercises specifically for children usually a two hour session (£60) depending on age of children (with older children the session may be shorter duration therefore the price would reflect this. 




Walking services:

I will be offering a dog walking service within immediate surrounding areas in the future, please let me know if you are interested by using the contact form. I may even be able to offer a one to one walk with practical training and advice, please use the contact form to enquire about this service. POA



I accept cash or direct bank transfer or Paypal. All monies due at the time of appointment/ consultation. If claiming via insurance the client needs to pay Harmonious Hounds and claim back through insurance, I can provide invoices with a summary of actions at no extra charge.


If insurance policies need detailed reports there is a charge of £60.



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