Code of Conduct

I adhere to the Code of practice for the welfare of dogs as directed by the goverment law, this can be found on the internet, all dogs owners are required to adhere to this.


I also adhere and have signed up to the Companion Animal Welfare Council (CAWC) 



I will request that each owner gets approval from their vet before I engage any behaviour modification programme, this is to make sure there are no underlying health problems causing any issues.


I will use gentle methods to correct unwanted behaviour.


I will continue to update my training and career development.


I will explain the theory behind my methods.


I will be honest with clients and their situation, some behaviours can take longer than others to correct.


My diploma and certificate qualifications can be viewed if required as well as insurance documentation.


I will provide written invocies as well as tailored behaviour modification plans.


I will provide lifetime advice for exisiting clients.


I will treat your dog as I would want mine to be treated....... With patience, kindness and competence. 







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